At Blue Sky we believe fervently in factory fabrication. But we don’t advocate building a complete house in a factory — we believe in fabricating components.

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Our systems use bolted connections, without the need for cutting or welding at the site, and since most parts are prefabricated the building comes together in a fraction of the normal time.



Open and Flexible Floor Plans

Our systems can eliminate the need for load-bearing or shear walls, creating vast open spaces with clear spans of up to 30 feet.

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Our focus is on using light-gauge steel – a product with high recycled content and which is itself recyclable – in a way that limits material usage and waste.  In addition it is fire-resistant and doesn’t require chemical treatments for pests.

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Desert 2

Palm Springs, California.




Instant icon of new century modernism. First Blue Sky project utilizing panelized wall and roof sections.  Three bedrooms, two baths and two-car garage in 2,800 square feet.




AIA Award Winner

Blue Sky Building Systems is the recipient of the prestigious 2011 R + D Award from Architect Magazine, the official publication of the AIA.


(507) 510-4560

Location:  Palm Springs, California

Status:  Completed August 2013

Architect:  Jim Jennings Architecture, San Francisco

Notes:  This addition to a much-loved Alexander mid century modern home created new carport, large master suite and integrated shade structure at the pool.  Includes our moment frame.

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Photos by Lance Gerber, Nuvue Interactive


Location: Palm Springs, California.

Status: Completed April 2013

Malibu Farmhouse

Malibu Farmhouse

Location: Malibu, California

Status: Completed October 2012

Gilbert-Troost Residence

(818) 839-1430

Location: Palm Springs, California

Status: Completed Sept. 2012